Tree Services

Tree Services

Our Commitment

It is our mission to have a happy and satisfied customer. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will continue to offer you products and a service that will exceed your expectations. You can continue to tell your family, friends and co-workers that your lawn and trees are in good hands with a reputable company.

We believe the good life begins with a great lawn and we know that nothing can replace the happiness and healthiness of a life lived outside. That why we are dedicated to making your yard a place of inspiration and true connection, filled with BBQs, picnics, and naps on the grass. That’s why we are committed to improving outdoor spaces in our communities and our environment.

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Tree Removal | Greens Keeper Turf & Tree

Tree Removal

Our staff arborist and crew will come to remove your tree. From simple to complex, whether removing trees from rooftops to trees growing into foundations. We have the proper equipment and experience to perform the job safely and completely to your satisfaction.

Tree Pruning | Greens Keeper Turf & Tree

Tree Pruning

Pruning requires patience and is tedious when it comes to pruning fruit trees. Our arborist has 25 years of pruning experience. Making sure to prune and shape the proper branches is vital for your tree to sustain a healthy vibrant life. Also, pruning large limbs away from encroaching obstacles requires a set of different skills as compared to fruit trees. Non the less, we will remove unwanted large limbs too small fruit tree limbs. Whether they are dying, split, diseased, or are encroaching on your house, sheds or neighbours property. We are the right people for the right job.

Stump Grinding | Greens Keeper Turf & Tree

Stump Removal & Grinding

Our stump removal equipment removes unsightly stumps by grinding the wood into wood shavings. So, something else can be put in place. Such as topsoil and sod, flowers, shrubs or in some cases even another tree. The mulch created by the stump grinder is ideal for flower beds or for holding in moisture content around other trees and tree root systems.

Brush Removal & Chipping | Greens Keeper Turf & Tree

Brush Removal & Chipping

We use our wood chippers to clear away hedges, branches off of trees, shrubs, and overgrown vegetation. We can take away the wood chips or leave them onsite for flower beds or mulching for gardens or pathways.

Insect Control | Greens Keeper Turf & Tree

Insect Control

We use the Ministry of the Environment approved insecticides. Our systemic insecticide, systemic meaning the application works within the tree or plant structure. It works 100% within the tree. So, no runoff into the soil or groundwater. The application can be applied as a preventative to a future insect problem or as needed when an insect infestation is discovered in the early stages of damage.

TreeAzin Service | Greens Keeper Turf & Tree


Treatment for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a systemic insecticide use to treat Ash trees from the emerald ash borer beetle that has been destroying the cellular structure of the ash trees across the country for several years. If detected in the early stages of the symptoms, TreeAzin can be an effective tool for the arborist to save the tree.

Fertilization service | Greens Keeper Turf & Tree


We use both a liquid and a capsule form of fertilization. An application of nutrients to the tree or plant structure every couple of years provides your trees with an advantage to combatting future insect and disease damage. By providing the tree with a prevention mechanism. It is an important tool an arborist can use to help maintain the trees vigour and growth.