About Us

About Us

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The Right People for the Right Job

Established in 1992. Greens Keeper has been providing expert lawn care and tree services to 1000’s of residents and business owners in Kingston, Ontario. Our Lawn Care Technicians are certified by the Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change. We are members of the International Society of Arboriculture. We are fully insured for your Lawn Care and Tree needs. Giving you peace of mind, that you’re dealing with a reputable company.

The Right Equipment for the Right Job

Not only do we have the right people for the right job. We have the proper equipment to do the job right. We have fertilizer spreaders, lawn aerators, lawn rollers, lawn dethatchers, power rakers, soil testers, and weed sprayer equipment for all your lawn care requirements. We have wood chippers, chainsaws, pruning poles and shears, climbing equipment, and stump grinders, for your tree service needs.

Affordable Rates and Customer Service for Lawn Care & Tree Service

We offer competitive rates without burning a hole in your pocket like some competitors and we want to provide you expert and quality lawn care and tree services. Along with skilled and trained employees. Our team are polite and do follow-ups with our customers who have questions about their lawn care and tree services needs.

Our promise is to always provide honest and quality services for our clients. We are confident that we are able to go beyond your expectations, and hope that you can refer us to your friends and family for all their future lawn care and tree needs.

Thank you for your interest in Greens Keeper. If you have additional questions/comments or would like to schedule a no-obligation appointment for an estimate, please contact us today. To request an estimate and analysis, CALL us at 613 384-8817 or via our contact form.

Together we can provide professional care for your lawn and plant life!